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Zoom Broom Rubber Broom


Originally designed in Europe over 20 years ago for Beauty Salons and Barber Shops for removal of hair. The Multi-Purpose Multi-Surface Rubber Brooms soft pliable rubber bristles are safe for any floor surface from natural or laminate hardwood floor to concrete. For best results always pull the broom toward yourself. The angled European design of the bristles makes it so that when you draw it across the floor it creates a wall of rubber-that will pick up the smallest dust or debris, such as sheet rock dust or pet hair. Built in squeegee for washing windows and is great for removing the water from patios or garage floors. Lifts hair, Lint and other materials your vacuum normally misses from nap of carpet. Great high or low nap, indoor/outdoor, Berber and even shag carpeting. Great to restore the nap of the carpet in high traffic areas or after carpet shampooing. For best results on carpet, pull firmly in short strokes toward you over the carpet, this will allow the bristle to get all the way to the nap of the carpet and bring everything to the surface. To clean the hair and other debris, pat the broom against a hard surface. (See Cleaning section for more information on cleaning of the broom head) A MUST FOR PET OWNERS Dimensions of the head: 11.5 x 1.25 x 1.0 inches plus 1/2 inch squeegee on the back side of the broom Buy 1 Rubber Broom and get the second one FREE! 1 Broom Set $34.95 plus shipping. 


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