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Retail Pricing

Super Cool Back Supports, sell for $15.00 each or 2 for $25.00. 

The Zoom Broom Rubber Broom, is sold when you buy one for $34.95 we give one Free, so it's 2 brooms for $34.95, One broom comes with a standard broom handle and the other one is a telescopic handle that extends to 5 ft.

The Bigger Zoom Broom 20" sells the same way, when you buy the Bigger Zoom Broom for $44.95 we give you the household 12" Zoom Broom free.  One telescopic handle and one standard handle.


 If you would like to place a credit card order feel free to call us at 320-420-4899, or send check or money order to Midwest Sales....7034 SE Raven Rd, Cameron, MO  64429





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